This World of Content Has No Nuts Anymore.


So as many thousands of people have now lovingly and mockingly shared; the boobtastic magazine ‘Nuts’ is to close up shop . But what’s changed? Why has their readership declined? We could state with a lazy quip that deserves contempt that people just don’t have time for boobs anymore. We’re all professionals, and no ones [...]

Digital Armistice: A Mission Statement in Going Offline.


This is a promise, as well as a manifesto… “I cannot help but regret that I did not live 50 or 100 years sooner…life is too full in these times to be comprehensible. We know too many cities to be able to grow into any of them, . . . too many friends to have [...]

Metaphorical Search: A Different Way


“New metaphors have the power to create a new reality” – Lakoff & Johnson Ideas are beautiful things. They offer a new way, a different way, or at least an incremental development of the same way. But ideas come from brains; and brains are real complicated fuckers – unless you’re the living dead, in which [...]

Kendrick Lamar Buzzes Out of Control


Last week saw one of the US’ most innovative rappers to hit the mainstream get an unsightly amount of public attention. Kendrick Lamar’s guest verse on Big Sean’s “Control” sent oscillating hype through the music press > hip-hop fans > and then, following a top Global trend, the Twitterati. Why? Basically because he outed almost [...]

Phygital: The Future of the High Street?


Thursday 01st August saw 4 of London’s largest Digital Community Networks join forces for the #DigitalBoatParty on the HMS President. Spearheaded by the Online Marketing Network, and bulked up by the Content Creation Collective and Adobe and London Social Media meetups – the event was a roadblock; with some of the brightest and edgiest minds [...]